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This is a big statement but is backed by our commitment to you and performance guarantee.

We might not be able to control the market, but we do extract the most out of it.  

Whether it be minimising risk, reducing outlays or increasing rents we aim to put more money in your pocket. We work tirelessly to care for one of your biggest assets like it was our own and provide you with the highest possible optimum return on your investment.


We understand that communication is the key to a successful relationship and whether it is “Good News” or “Bad News” we will always keep you updated.

You will always be informed of progress and activity relating to both your property and your tenants. We’ll happily communicate with you through your preferred method of communication and guarantee to respond within 24 business hours.

< Letting

  • We will conduct as many inspections as required; both “Group Open Homes” and “Inspections by Appointment” at times suitable to the individual.  
  • We will make regular contact throughout the prelease period and provide you with regular updates throughout the process including comments received by prospective tenants about your rental property.
  • We will advertise your investment property on Australia’s leading real estate websites, within 24 business hours of being advised that your tenants are vacating.  
  • We present to you all quality applications obtained from prospective tenants.

< Tenant Checking

  • We conduct thorough checks on tenants applying for your property as permitted by law including prior rental checks and current and previous employment checks. This is to ensure that to the best of our knowledge all information that is given to us is accurate and the tenant will fulfil all their obligations of the tenancy agreement.  
  • We use the TICA database, one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest tenancy databases, to ensure potential tenants do not have any history of breaching rental terms and conditions. Even though the final decision on tenants is yours, we firmly recommend that you do not rent your property to anyone listed in this database, with an outstanding debt.  

< Rent Collection / Accounting

  • Rent is receipted each morning throughout the month.  
  • We will disperse all available funds to you in a Mid and End of Month payment run.
  • Statements are issued to you on the first working day after the end of the month.  
  • An End of Financial Year summary will accompany your June Statement.

< Lease Renewals

  • We review the current tenancy agreement for your rental property in advance of its expiry and advise where we believe a rent or terms adjustment is available in the current market.  
  • We will advise if your tenants are not renewing their lease and commence advertising the property within 24 hours of being notified.  
  • We will always ask your advice or permission before sending out a lease renewal.  

< Rent Arrears 

  • Unfortunately, from time to time you may have to rely on us to chase up your property rental income. This can happen for any number of personal or economic reasons, even after your tenants have passed the careful selection criteria.
  •  Any arrears that exceed allowable timeframes as established by the Residential Tenancies Authority are formally breached and measures are immediately implemented to recover the outstanding debt and remove the tenants from your property (if necessary).
  • We have a zero tolerance for rent arrears. We pride ourselves on our low arrears rate and carry out rent arrears checks daily, via text message, phone calls, email and letters and immediately follow up on any outstanding monies.

< Property Inspection 

  • We will conduct as many additional inspections as is required to follow up on maintenance or any breaches of the tenancy.
  • We will conduct a thorough internal and external inspection every 6 months and you will be provided with a full report and photos via email within 48 hours of completion of the inspection.

< Maintenance and Repairs

  • We will attend to all maintenance repairs promptly and will advise or suggest any ongoing maintenance requirements to keep your property in a condition which will assist it to retain its optimum market value.  
  • We will not undertake any repairs to your property exceeding your nominated amount without first obtaining your approval (excluding emergency repairs required to be rectified immediately by law)  
  • Our comprehensive team of fully insured tradespeople are on call and available at any time to ensure authorised repairs and maintenance is performed in a timely and efficient manner. A well maintained, safe and secure property means your investment is returning the maximum from the market. 
  • All our trades are subject to regular reviews of their pricing, quality of workmanship and customer service standards to ensure you are receiving the best possible service at a competitive price.

< Owner Portal

  • Access to your property when you want 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
  • View the status of your rental property, view key tenant information, inspection reports and photos, reprint financial statements and communicate via the message centre all at times convenient to you.