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Tailored Property Management Solutions


While fees are importantly creating that long-term working relationship between you and your property manager is critical, so choose carefully.

Remember you get what you pay for and the cheapest is NEVER the best. Ask questions, check their qualifications, experience, work history, location, references, etc. Interview your potential local property manager and find out everything about them, most importantly their industry and area knowledge.

Selecting the right Property Manager is one of the most important investment decisions you’ll make and can mean a difference not only to your overall returns, but also the enjoyment of your investment.

Over the last few years, Property Management has undergone a significant transformation and is now more than just rent collection, rather an essential dynamic investment service.

Ever increasing government legislation in Queensland ensures fairness for both owners and tenants alike, but with the legislation comes a greater onus on owners and agents to follow the requirements of these laws.

The rollout of the new Smoke Alarm Legislation by 2022 is a perfect example of ensuring you choose a local real estate agent who is trained, experienced and equipped to meet an ever-changing market.


Gone are the days of wasting your money on a “For Rent” sign out the front. The internet allows people to shop 24 hours a day / 7 days a week without leaving their home or office.

Professional property management presentation goes a long way to achieving a quicker optimum return and you get what you pay for.

A small investment in professional photos means more online views and more inspections, enhancing your investment properties online presence and is proven to rent your property quicker.


Setting an achievable rental price is one of the most critical decisions of any investment and can be costly if you get it wrong. Many clients forget that it is the market that sets the price; not the agent, not the owner and is certainly not based on “the repayment figure for your loan” nor “what you were getting previously”.

Too many times we hear “but we need this much to pay the mortgage”. Whether it be reletting or renewal of your investment property, we consider all market conditions when assessing rent including the likelihood of any vacancy period. It is so important to ensure you and your investment property manager get the price correct.


Periods of vacancy are converted to lost income, the cost of which can never be recovered. Also, be wary of the agent that claims they can get a higher than market rent for you. The reality is that no agent will get you more than the market is willing to pay.

WPS Qld is a rental property management company that is experienced in the local market and is the best informed to advise and assist you in determining a fair market rent for your property.


Fees are negotiable, service isn’t. If you receive a cheaper quote on fees for a comparable level of service, we’d like the opportunity to match it?

Don’t sign anything before you talk to us!